Giambattista Valli - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

Designer: Giambattista ValliLocation: Grand Palais, galerie courbe The fashion show started with a performance from the violinist Charlie Siem. Inspiration: The evening dresses, draped in silk muslin, which hangs around the body with fluidity and lightness, like ball dresses with pleated tulls with multiple frills. A modern couture, but one that also echoes the past and the young tsarinas. A collection that moved Celine Dion, sitting in the front row. Silhouette: Delicate, playing with lengths and volumes. The long and the short, the transparencies...Focus: on the ballon sleeves, the frills, the ‘’bouquet’’ prints, inspired by fabergé eggs. Materials: Taffetas, muslins, duchess satin, organza, lace and Tulle. To note: the pendant earrings with emeralds and rubies and the yellow or white gold broaches, with diamonds and sapphires. Interview with Giambattista Valli:There was this idea of silhouettes a little like those of the tsarinas but a kind of contrast and balance between the extreme volume of the shoulders and the open necklines and with the extremely minimal lengths.It’s almost like a winter garden with this snow and these flowers which are frozen and icy, with the fragility of the lace and moreover thanks to the ateliers which are extraordinary, the one of tissue and the one of embroidery which are helping to create all of this.I think that these days it’s nice to share a moment of beauty, it’s nice to share emotions, each person has their own way to give over to their emotions, for example, I loved having Charlie Siem, the greatest violinist in the world and I loved having the power to share a friend and to share him with my friends that I have invited this evening. Interview with Céline Dion: I’m a huge fan of Giambattista Valli, this is my first show but I’ve been wearing his stuff for a very long time. I am very moved, I found that it was like all the pieces were made for me, I tell you that pretentiously, I couldn’t choose, they are works of art, it’s a magnificent spectacle, I am very very moved.Music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show

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