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A meeting with Anastasia Soare, the queen of eyebrows

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A meeting with anastasia soare, a self-made woman, who has become the queen of eyebrows and contouring in the united states, with her label abh which stands for anastasia beverly hills. she has even changed the look of cindy crawford and of oprah winfrey, she was the first to open eyebrow bars, to develop exclusives with big stores like sephora. these days her video tutorials make a buzz and are followed by 11 million subscribers on instagram. exclusively at sephora france, on the champs elysées and on her website. interview with anastasia soare:20 years ago everybody didn’t like makeup, they used makeup if they went to a wedding, or an oscar, or a special party, nobody used it every day. right now i think, every woman wants to use something, much more than they used to, even if you find a woman that doesn’t like too much makeup, she wants light makeup, we could teach you how to use a little makeup and still look amazing. it all started from the technique of understanding exactly what the human face is, of why makeup needs to be used which is based on that school of art that i studied so much, the faces, how important it is to understand what is perfect, how we can balance everybody’s face, how important changing eyebrows is, because changing the most important feature of the face could completely change your emotions.having studied that it meant that it was easier for me to create the products, because i had a strong base, the foundation, and then i built on that to create the eyebrow technique, i built a contouring technique, then we started with highlighter, eyeshadow and everything else. just to give women enough tools to create that perfect balance with the face, so we gave them the theory and then the products. music free of rights : bandit & nikit