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Jeremy Scott : collection spring -summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : jeremy scott atmosphere : always a lot of enthusiasm and excitement at jeremy scott, where the original looks of non-celebrity fans who obtained their invitation created a spectacle. the hilton sisters provoked a crowd. silhouette : new york, girls that are bold. the coordinated skirt and bra top as always. this time with prints of faces, such as andy warhol pieces or skyscrapers on a coloured background. focus on : the unzippable jumper and dress and the leather bra worn with ease. the tee-shirt ‘’hot, hot, hot’’ will certainly become a best- seller, as well as the touch of coloured lingerie. to note : the dresses with geometric volumes, entirely embroidered with sequins, reminiscent of the models of pierre cardin. interview with jeremy scott: the collection’s really a love letter to new york, and i was thinking about new york folklore, the new york i didn’t get to experience, the early 80’s new york where it was kind of dangerous, kind of seedy, there was a bit of an agressive attitude and feeling and when you see those pictures of basquiat walking around the lower east side and there’s empty buildings and it looks dangerous. i really wanted to capture that mood and glamour and kind of mix it with s&m and mix it with punk and then kind of bring in these other kind of elements and then end it with these intergalactic sequin dresses that look like a ufo landed on a disco dress and kind of have this mix and fun of different things. cardin has always been one of my favoruite designers, i’ve had the privilege of meeting mr cardin on a few occasions and he’s one of the few designers who really expresses himself through shape and form and i wanted really to try and capture that kind of expression, because i feel like i really wanted to use some new volumes and new shapes. like the square skirt was something that i think you know was very unusual and unexpected, so i wanted to kind of play with volumes and mixing them with patent leather and sequins in a different way. interview with nicky hilton: we love jeremy, we’ve been friends with him for many years and his collections keep getting better. i absolutely loved it, i thought there were so many beautiful swimsuits, so many fun creative pieces.interview with paris hilton:i always look forward to jeremy’s show during fashion week, it’s just so much fun, the people, the music, the models, the clothes, everything’s over the top and crazy.interveiw with kelly osbourne: it was magnificent, it really was, it’s so much fun it gets me so excited, because i start thinking about all the amazing places i can wear all this stuff and i’ve been a friend of jeremy’s for years and years and years. for me it’s important to represent your friends, and to be there for them and to support them when they have supported you throughout your whole career as well and i’ve had so many magical moments in his clothing. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show,protected by the right to information)