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Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood- Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer : andreas kronthalermood : concert and flashing lights. positive energy, the show as a celebration and as a way to communicate and to fight for the couple and this time it's to save venice. andreas adds the inspiration of women all around him, especially his collaborators and of course vivienne. the actress kristina hendricks in the first row silhouette : plays with volumes, adjusted or draped on a dress, sensual with swimsuits, the man dares all, especially the skirt.focus : the details of the tailoring, the trousers split on the side, the jacket has an opening with a bow on the back, the drapes on the front of the dress, the tie dye vibe, the swimsuits and bikinis to note : side accessories : the earrings in the shape of the male sex, the hoofs on the feet, straw hats and dresses becoming sculptures interview:andreas kronthaier: i wanted to make it very light and humorous, you feel the preparation, a lot of work goes into making a collection not only our collection. i think if you keep on top of it all the way along it’s a bit like having sex it ends up in an orgasm somehow and the show should be a little bit like that. i was looking at matisse, the mediterranean, he’s for me this artist who captures that more than anyone in the world i took his shapes and cut outs, and applied it on the body and sometimes stitched it together with a band to make it fit and i lean it’s all that, i don’t think it’s important to tell all that because at the end it’s just a dressi always like big things and i like small things, that’s fashion, they always like extremes, i think fashion has something to do with volume or the silhouette as they say in france, it’s when you work on that or when you can get somewhere then fashion changes, however what direction it does go and it’s really just about playing with dimensions christina hendricks :i thought it was so exciting, this is the first vivienne and andrea show i’ve ever been to so the energy and the spectacular creativity and craftsmanship, i think i’m still digesting it, it was so spectacularmusic from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)