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Chanel Métiers d’art Paris-Cosmopolite : The Coco girls walk in the ritz ! (With interviews)

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Tuesday 6th december karl lagerfeld presented the 13th edition of the métiers d’art shows, promoting the savoir-fair of the couture ateliers. after rome last year, it’s the ritz, a mythical location in the place vendome in which the designer presented a show with the participation of his nearest and dearest and models in the halls of the parisian palace so dear to gabrielle chanel. a collection with tweed suits, worked shoulders, derby heels, thigh boots in suede patchwork and veils surmounted by roses. we will note the presence of pharell william who walks in a chanel jacket, cara delevingne who opens the show or lily-rose depp, the muse of the house, but equally alice dellal, sistine stallon or levi dylan, bob dylan’s grandson. a collection of great elegance and modernity, with a fitted silhouette, a new version of the chanel jacket adorned with braids or pearls. big ample coat, quilted puffa jacket, loose cape, dress in tulle with an embroidered eiffel tower, or embroidered knit, the details of the métiers d’art are admired over the many passages…music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.) interviews : karl lagerfeld it’s about a hotel in the heart of paris where women all over the world used to come who were considered parisian even if they were not french, that’s why is called cosmopolite paris. i liked the group with cara delevingne at the beginning and i loved the dresses with all the feathers and tulle skirts at the end but i liked the idea of the tulle roses, you know that famous line, a rose is a rose is a rose.it’s really coco meeting at the ritz, revisited 40/50 years later, with a completely spirit, they used to have dancing dinners here people danced not only at balls, but they went to restaurants and after dinner they danced, i think it’s very chic, i think it’s fresh and young it’s a statement for life and stylepharell williams :you instantly know that you are in his thoughts, these are his thoughts that you’re walking around in, these are his ideas. the show is something he has envisioned so you are being a part of movie that he has seen in his mind. i’m a personal witness, i know what it’s like when you work with him, he sits you down and sketches in front of you, if he doesn’t like it, its art work, his scraps are things that i’d put on my wall, but when he finally decides it’s something that he likes, then it’s made, so this is just a wonderful part to be a part of his vision.