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Best of 2016 : The stars on the front rows !

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The front rows made the photographers flashes crackle. dior is the label that wins the prize of the number of celebrities present at their show.at the last couture show, it was celine dion who created excitement and who was ready with kindness to the many demands of the photographers. marion cotillard, muse of the label, never misses the call up, rihanna, jennifer lawrence, the american stars are also of the part of the support, the arrival of a woman to dior’s artistic direction faithful juliette binoche celebrated the return of giorgio armani in paris. on the american side, is cate blanchett who supports the italian designer with glamour. far from the give and take image, the actresses are respectful and admire the expertise that presented before their eyes. chanel is full of french and foreign celebrities who come to see up close the meticulous work of the ateliers.and to note a trend, the sons and daughter of… one put in the spotlight, that of lily rose depp, the daughter of vanessa paradis, who embodies the image of the new n°5 perfume, l’eau de chanel, the daughter of will smith, willow, equally the muse of the label or his son, jaden and his androgynous silhouette (muse of the louis vuitton’s female line). another son, gabriel kane day lewis, son of isabelle adjani and daniel day-lewis. he also emerges from the shadows and begins to excite the crowds…kim kardashian is the star who wins the prize of the most important media exposure! friend of olivier rousteing, she never misses the balmain shows, and was noted for her suggestive outfits. but last october, it’s her kidnapping and the theft of her jewelry in her hotel that made all the front pages. interviews :céline dion-singeri am an artist, i love to see the arts, paintings, jewelry, clothes, the setting, songs, it helps us to transform and perform. we turn ourselves into characters through clothes that are proposed and its transports us. my last fashion show, goes back 20 years, more than 20 years, so i don’t abuse it, when i see one, i appreciate it a lot.juliette binoche-actressit’s always an excellent job, with a level expertise, and it always has this allure and then that always plays on the feminine/masculine, i loved it. cate blanchett-actressso you have this incredible series of artisans and people working so hard for a five minute moment .jessica chastain-actresssometimes we forget how many hours go into each piece, every bead hand stitched, it was wonderful to have them acknowledged in this way. music free of right : bandit & nikit