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When the black Balenciaga pieces are presented alongside Antoine Bourdelle's sculptures.

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(interviewa different way to see a balenciaga piece of clothing and a new edition out of the galliera museum which opens the spanish season with this exhibition. amongst the sculptures, we discover around a hundred monochrome pieces, around black, cristobal balenciaga’s colour fetish, legendary, out of the ordinary, and timeless couturier, who continuously invented and built new volumes playing with the effects and the materials, just like a sculptor. (interview)balenciaga, l’œuvre au noir, musée bourdelle, from 8th march to 16th july 2017habits aux couleurs de l’espagne, victor hugo’s house, from 21st june to 24th september 2017mariano fortuny, palais galliera, autumn 2017interview with véronique belloir :i think the choice of location and to present balenciaga’s work in this antoine bourdelle atelier, allows you to look at the model and the dresses in a different way, that is to say that we may perhaps look at the work on the volumes, proportions, and all these material effects as a priority, since we are in monochrome, the whole exhibition is a range of black clothes, and we look at the sculptures and we feel the work of the reliefs, of materials and shades. so i think that the presentation in this specific location also brings a lot to the reading about this exhibition. there is definitely something very modern in his conception of the garment, in his conception of feminine elegance, his clothes keep a bit of distance from the body, they are quite abstract volumes which don’t follow the feminine anatomy, which doesn’t support it, which on the contrary detach themselves to bring a very particular look and some clothes now appear completely contemporary, we could still wear them because there is, i think, this conception of a very precisely modern style of garment, which brings an elegance all while leaving the space to the personality of the women who wears it.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2017