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Les Hommes Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 with interview

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Designers: tom notte & bart vandeboschinspiration: urban warriors inspired by oriental culture.collection: a collection channelling the style of protective armour with added asian references. a futuristic and sought-after wardrobe, with dragon embroideries on bombers and leopard print, skin-tight suits.to note: baggy trousers, modified with graphic motifs, or embellished with metallic elements, such as such zips and laces. the loose, leather shorts are worn with matching leggings.belted skirts which draw attention to the waist.the cut of shirts inspired by samurai jackets.the innovative suspenders, which structure the garment.jewellery for men: safety-pin earrings and cheek piercings.high-top trainers with decorative straps.tom notte : the mood of the collection is inspired by asian warriors, oriental warriors, so, we’re a big fan of all the historic, ancient armours, of all the different type of warriors from china, from japan etc. so we made a profound research into all the artisanal craftsmanship, how things were made, and from there, we deducted a very strong, urban silhouette. bart vandebosch : there’s a combination of different types of fabrics, we have a lot of more rigid, more classic looking fabrics which we combined with a lot of leathers, and all of these special kinds of treatments, and techniques of different kinds of lacing on top of the fabric. in terms of colour, we are always more into a more sober kind of colour palette, so we have a lot of blacks, a lot of sand colours, and a little bit of white.important silhouettes are the ones where you have the big pleated trousers, which create something really contemporary and young, and really cool-looking, and you combine it with very, very heavy sneakers, and then we create this kind of layering which comes from samurai armour which looks actually like a belt skirt, which is not integrated with the pants, but looks like that. so it creates something really cool.it’s important for us, it’s a very inspired collection but also something that people can look at and think, ‘this is something, an honest proposal that i can wear’.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)