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Fashion show DIOR HOMME- Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interviews)

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Artistic director: kris van assche who celebrates his 10 years at dior homme.place: the salon d’honneur of the grand palais, a floor covered with grass, with floating black ribbons above the head.theme: late night summercollection: a fusion of tailoring and sportswear. interpretations of the jacket and the suit which the designer deconstructs and reconstructs in order to create new volumes and forms.focus on: backless and sleeveless jackets, cinched at the waist, or cut on the bias.to note: the dior atelier labels stitched onto the garments or branded ribbons wrapped around the necks of the models.+ bomber jackets worn over the top of suits.+ hybrid-garments playing with as the polo toward the top, and a jacket toward the bottom.+ a sleeveless sweater on top of a jacket.+ orchids and hooded silhouettes taken from paintings by the artist francois bard take their place on the clothes and add touches of color to this summer wardrobe.interview kris van assche: we celebrate two things. we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the house, a house of couture. and i celebrate my 10th year at dior homme. daily life, is working with my ateliers, located at 3 rue de marignan. so i wanted to showcase them because finally, all of this, it’s coming from them.i wanted to take the black suit further. even when it close to the actual ‘bar’ jacket, it’s as much about giving it a very sporty silhouette afterwards. the idea is not a matter of making it feminine or not, the idea is to see in what direction we can go with the innovation of the black suit.i worked with a french artist called françois bard who makes oil paintings. i like this contrast once more between a traditional hand, and very urban scenes with boys with caps, hooded sweatshirts which is something resolutely "street" but with a touch of tradition. this really speaks to me.interview lambert wilson: the know-how of the reconstruction is crazy! because frankly i looked at it with tremendous attention to detail. it's crazy. you really should look at these clothes slowly. it goes too fast because frankly, he did a crazy reconstruction job.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)