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Tory Burch Show - Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: tory burchatmosphere: in the gardens of the cooper hewitt smithsonian design museum, on the corner of the famous 5th avenue, tory burch is inspired by the famous interior designer david hicks.collection: light, colourful, chic. the prints of david hicks are reinterpreted and blend perfectly into dresses, shirts and jackets. there is a desire for the heat of summer through the tunics and the long style djellabas dresses. the simplicity of white, loose trousers or of dresses trimmed with orange lace. a touch of sportswear with jackets all round.to note: accessories such as the big shoppers, towels rolled like yoga mat, banana bags carried around the waist. itv with linda fargo (senior vice presidente of the fashion office and store presentation of bergdorf goodman):tory is quintessentially american, i don’t think this type of collection could come from, anywhere else but from here and if you know tory you know her life i think the clothes really reflect the way she lives i know she visits capri in the summer, so i see pieces of capri then its blended back again with things that are very american a lot of that is in the attitude or the ease. maybe a simple shirt worn out, untucked. a little touch of nautical. it’s interesting because we’re about to begin going to four different cities and the us and new york has its own special type pf sportswear that you don’t really find fro, other countries; it’s based in a reality, i thought this was a beautiful show and setting it in the garden of the cooper hewitt it was “parfait”.musique from the show (only to be used in context of the show, under cover of right to information)