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Sapins de Noël des Créateurs: Designers unite in the fight against cancer!

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For the 22nd year in a row, a number of designers have created unique pieces under the initiative of marie-christiane marek and her associations les sapins de noel des créateurs, exhibited in the théâtre des champs-elysées. this year’s theme for the artwork is gold and green as they’re sold at auction to raise money for charity in the fight against cancer led by professor david khayat. an evening that coincided with the switching on of the avenue montaigne christmas lights by stéphane bern. interviews:stéphane bern:it’s wonderful when artists come together for a noble cause. in a way that’s festive, clever, fun and at the same time as we turn on the avenue montaigne christmas lights, a glamorous street that’s the stuff of dreams and it’s good if it lets those who are sick dream, that’s good. marie-christiane marek:i never thank the participants enough, all of the designers, because it’s actually a huge investment of their time, money and imagination. it’s true that for the designers it’s often an exercise of style meaning they have to think, to create something new and which gives them a new perspective. sylvain le guen:the leaves are pleated with a mold to pleat what i’ve invented, what i’ve designed, and the degraded shape best serves as the shape of the pine tree making you think of a fan but also a tree, it’s emblematic, it’s a festive object. marie marquet:above all there’s a certain magic about christmas, that’s why i wanted to create a tree which is enchanting and very ethereal which has magic that comes out of nowhere, this doll transformed into a christmas tree.jean paul gaultier:i think that this year my tree has a bit of my humour right now. i wanted gaiety, joy and then celebration as well. soon i’m going to do a review so that’s a bit of folie bergères, french cancan, and then it’s the tree that makes up the skirt, that makes the skirt open like that and you can see, she’s not wearing anything underneath! jean-claude jitrois:thanks to 21 years of participation, i’ve raised awareness of cancer. when we think that we can create, i think that we must support these charity events and that’s a beautiful thing. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017