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Moschino : Menswear and Womenswear show Autumn/Winter 2018/19

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Artistic director : jeremy scottcollection: the suit is the central theme, deconstructed and reworked. suspenders, decorated with words, are attached with safety pins. a little bit subversive wardrobe, an underground mood, s&m, rebellious, with an ode to the body and a succession of silhouettes covered head to toe in vinyl. a couture spirit with train dresses, tuxedos and tailcoats, feathers spotted on the base of a coat and embroidered with rhinestones on the back. to note: the final looks with an androgynous man and woman in high heels joined together by the same tuxedo. a bustier dress with a hand shaped train. plus the more romantic looks with delicate robes printed with the photographs of carlo mollino. focus on: the thigh high boots and laced high-heeled boots jeremy scott : i was just thinking about menswear and all the different ways to try and do something new with it, how to make menswear a little bit more sexy, how to takes some of the menswear elements for women but make them still feel fresh and new. i love the idea of the suspenders kind of holding it up almost like architecture. the photo prints are actually carlo mollino. the famous architect and the famous interior furniture designer, and he did all these photos (that he) then after he passed away they became public and i was able to use the rights with the foundation and the mollino’s to make these graphics of the different women on the fabrics. in the end, i mean, we’re all the same we’re all human it’s all chromosomes, x’s and y’s and all this and that’s why in the end i showed the show with a tuxedo tandem jacket, connected, man and woman. we are all human, and that’s kind of what i wanted to do, take bits of menswear, put womenswear, you know elements into menswear having lace and tulle and some of these kind of feminine aspects but then also takes men’s wool coats and pinstripes but then cut them off and then have these suspenders kind of showing parts of the body. there’s this kind of sexuality but it’s also a kind of celebration of that. music from the fashion show