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MSGM : Menswear show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Designer : massimo giorgetticollection: a youthful wardrobe, fresh and colourful, personified by some of milan’s students who take to the catwalk within the walls of "la statale", one of the most beautiful universities in the city. the collection advocates singularity and individuality. everything embodies this attitude with acid toned clothes, easy and comfortable to wear. focus on the velvet ensembles, the revisited jogging suit, and the high waist of the trousers. the protective jackets, tagged and adorned with a message of “i love you” or the msgm logo, plus the new line of jeans. to note: saddlebags and eastpak backpacks of all sizes and the shoes with wide serrated soles. interview :massimo giorgetti : it’s a real declaration of love to milan. we started this project, this collection in the middle of november we did the casting in all of the universities of milan : statale, bocconi, politecnico, and it was nice because it’s really about the young attitude of the young italian guy. it’s a study of this guy, of what they like, of what they love, and also what they love in fashion, how they dress, how they put on a jacket, a suit, a bomber, it was a study and for msgm it’s a little bit of evolution and maybe a little bit more “bon ton” and less streetwear, less denim, less sweatshirt. now the italian generation, the milan generation is very, very chic and cool. music from the fashion show