Issey Miyake Men: Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

Designer : Yusuke TakahashiInspiration : Urban life, from suits to sportwear outfits, reinterpreted according to Miyake, with ease and fluidity, presented in the Gaieté Lyrique arts centre in Paris. Collection: a new allure with pleated, folded and quilted overcoats, with stretch bands for again, more freedom of movement. Several jackets are reversible and the vibrant colours contrast with the grey tones. To note: The graphic shirts, the trainer sandals and the very practical big canvas bags.Interview with Yusuke Takahashi: Usually I’m inspired by nature or travels but this time I tried to focus on the real clothes again but just real clothes is very boring so I tried to add identity so I added cross (graphic element) for the majority for the clothes so I used a lot of them for example.We always of course make, create our fabric, so I tried to use a lot of natural fibre and so I think a lot of brands use a lot of polyester nowadays, so I try to use a lot of the natural fibre but if I use a lot of the natural fibre it looks quite heavy, it’s quite heavy so I combined both the fabrics in one look. I want what people wear to depend on the occasion or the mood so I really focus on the personality and the looks stand out. Music from the show

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