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Boucheron celebrates 160 years in 2018 with its first success, the Vendôrama exhibition.

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‘vendôrama’, an exhibition from jewellery house boucheron, at the monnaie de paris, was an opportunity to discover a new way of showcasing a name and its history. as part of a celebration for the house’s 160 years in 2018, the first jeweller to be based in place vendôme in 1858, marks the spirit the beginning of the year, by inviting the public for free to partake in a unique experience, where the digital world is mixed with the latest, previously unseen designs, where virtual reality makes room for actors. all before the exhibition jets off to be displayed in japan and china. interview with cyril cabellos: boucheron is a well-known name in france, but it’s not so well known abroad so it was very important for us to re-tell our history. vendôrama it’s a stroll, through inspiration, which goes from our archives, to the creation, and we walk through the design studio which is still situated today at 26 place vendôme and and we can say under the rooves of place vendôme. we’re the only jeweller to have everything in the same house. our savoir-faire is a jeweller’s savoir-faire, for both haute joaillerie and just jewellery and it’s important for us today, to really demonstrate that our savoir-faire is the same. we apply just as much attention to the classic pieces of jewellery, available at a more affordable price than the exceptional haute joaillerie, unique pieces that sometimes require up to 2500 hours of work as we can see on the ‘baïkal’ necklace from the winter imperial collection which was presented last july. boucheron is above all a contemporary house, it’s always been contemporary in its time, its era and it was essential for us when we posed the question of creating this experience, of really understanding who we wanted to address, what the expectations of the audience were. it is about the manner of consuming information and exhibitions so that’s why there are several levels of interpretation and it was also fun to challenge ourselves, to understand how today we can create a snapshot of the boucheron history, to show who we are at 160 years old in order to determine where we’ll be hopefully in another 160 years. music royalty free: bandit & nikit