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LOUIS VUITTON Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Creative director: nicholas ghesquièreinspiration : the musée louvre plays host again, for this new season, in the ‘cour lefuel’ courtyard which dates back to the 19th century, unknown to the public, incredibly beautiful, with two big walkways (which were constructed for the passage of horses), overlooked by statues and the floor of a space shuttle serving at a catwalk. nicholas ghesquière plays with the past to better redefine the future, where for winter 2018, he blends bourgeois tailoring with a touch of sportswear. collection: based around skirts and shoulders. the tailored skirt in black and white from the first outfit, sets the tone. several other models follow, pleated, belted, embroidered, or buttoned with gold buttons. on top, different textures are used around the shoulders, unless there’s a play with bands for an athletic mood or a kind of space uniform. we hesitate between a shirt and jumper, we discover details of the materials, a round neck stemming from a black sweater on chic and elegant blouses. a top transforms into a corset, basques move on the sides. the dress, fluid, in three colours has buttons on bias, on the side, sometimes with a play around draping. the evening tuxedoes dare glitter and the corset has a colourful elasticated belt.to note: the new lv logo, very futuristic, appearing like a badge on tops and dresses. the white straps added to the shoes in different textures, the new bags which have motifs similar to the interior of an electrics board. interview: olivier zahm : it was a really beautiful louis vuitton show, refined, simple, harmonious, i think that he’s reached for next winter in this show, an outline of his intention at louis vuitton with great simplicity, and i think that it’s really nice, the girls were sublime, the location magic, it’s always an extraordinary moment these louis vuitton shows. i found that there was an energy in this louis vuitton woman, she’s crossing the hemisphere, she’s always on the move, there’s a dynamism, but harmonious, i found there was a fluidity and an elegance together that made this collection serene, and that’s how i felt about it. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)