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Since 1903, the house of Pourchet has been characterised by their legendary bags.

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Having long been a story of family, the french house pourchet continues its rise in celebrating 115 years in 2018, through several special collections and above all by highlighting its savoir-fair and beautiful leathers. a stroll through one of the flagship stores situated in place de vosges in paris is well worth the detour. (interview)rightly for the house’s birthday, the legendary bags are reinterpreted with this touch of modernity. (interview)the most: this incredible colorama with pop colours for summer to be made available notably in the capsule collections. (interview)interview with christian-arthur lemoine de la salle: it’s really a story of family, a story of passion, for leather work and leather goods and for savoir-faire. the history of the house has been defined throughout all its decades by the creation of it-bags which has really contributed to the reputation of the house. to celebrate the event, we’ve reinterpreted one of the iconic bag, the 509, in a 2018 version with the name ‘115’, so here it is. we’re use a very very beautiful italian leather, we have a signature latch fastening, which takes the diamond shape from the madison canvas. so the madison canvas was originally created in the seventies, for sets of baggage, and afterwards it became forgotten and several years ago we re-edited it through a capsule collection called madison numéro. it’s stamped with the number ‘115’ and we still use the emblematic colours of the house, which are green, navy and red. two seasons ago we brought out the cassetta model, and the strength there is again the colour palette, there are 20 colours to choose from, with varnish models and for this summer the cassetta has arrived in leather and multi-coloured version. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2018