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Hyères Festival 2018 : an inspiring list of promise! (with interviews)

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The 33rd hyères international festival of fashion founded by jean pierre blanc drew to a close on sunday 29th april with joy and jubilation, with the grand prix du jury awarded to a duo of young designers rushemy botter & lisi herrebrugh for their menswear collection fish or fight which pays tribute to caribbean fishermen.a selection of quality carried out by the president of the jury, haider ackerman with a common thread being this generation’s awareness of sustainable development, the body and the disabled. also noting the sense of research around new materials. the public prize was rewarded to belgian sarah bruylant (a fan of christian dior) and her flamboyant and opulent fashion which makes reference to art and history. the chloé prize was rewarded to canadian marie ève lecavalier with a knitted leather silhouette, enhanced with rhinestones. she also won the judging panel’s special prize, for her urban and contemporary approach to fashion. with recycled denim and exaggerated volumes. interviews: rushemy botter:we are both from the caribbean, i grew up there, until i was four and then moved to the netherlands and our mum’s from the dominican republic and we’ve really been inspired by the people from the caribbean, the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they hang out with each other, the way you go to your family’s house, your grandma’s house to eat and for this inspiration we were inspired by a few topics and tried to combine it in a collage kind of way, a natural way. and the main topic was the fishermen, my grandfather was a fisherman. lisi herrebrugh: and also the way for example, the people from the streets wear really everyday stuff, in a really poetic beautiful way because they have to work with what they’ve got. for example for this jacket, we were inspired by a taxi driver who had to cover his arm because of the sun, and he cut a piece of his trousers and put it around it to cover it up. the starting point was the trousers but we constructed it so you can wear it as a jacket. also we really like the hand painted prints from the collection because in the caribbean the people use the walls as their advertisement. we tried to be as sustainable as possible, as we can, as young designers so of course we take care of our fabrics, we try to have the least waste as we can. jean-pierre blanc: they have lots of energy, lots of strength, they’re not scared, not scared of speaking out, of a creative point of view, not scared of saying things, not scared of expressing their feelings, of showing them, it’s a beautiful generation. geoffroy de la bourdonnaye: it’s still very emotional, firstly because chloé by definition is founded on the youth attitude that gaby aghion wanted to inject, when she created the house, incidentally the chloé brand in greek means young growth, so we like young people who emerge, we like to encourage young designers and to see people win and with what we imagine will follow, it's very emotional. we’re really at an intersection between savoir-faire of couture and the savoir-faire of being young and it’s these two dimensions which are evident in marie-eve’s work. marie-eve lecavalier: i’ve been really inspired by the macramé dresses which were very present in the chloé archives so it’s my reinterpretation of the macramé but in my own way with my technique. music from the show (for use only in context of the shows, under cover of the right to information)