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Fashion and Football: the perfect match

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Whilst the world cup prepares for kick off in russia, fashion has never seemed as interested in football as it does today, or is it the opposite? with ultra-stylish footballers and clubs becoming trendy. (interview)aside from the buzz surrounding the most popular sporting event in the world, and the business aspect, football appears to be becoming cool in the eyes of fashion brands and big luxury houses.and brands play the game more or less with originality. like havaianas and its different countries represented in flip-flops, villebrequin and its swimwear or even this small tie brand and little zidane embroideries. (interview)interview of dinah sultan: the ones that we know the most, are those who are more ‘show-offs’, very ‘bling’, and there’s still a tradition surrounding footballers of wanting to impress, that’s why brands like philipp plein work really well, with footballers, and vuitton is a must-have as well. effectively, there’s still this desire on the part of footballers to show that they are rich and moreover that they know how to be stylish. what’s been really surprising, is that normally there has been more co-brandings, so showing a country on an embroidery like fred perry were able to do, but there are brands like acne studios which has developed a capsule collection, which is still quite surprising coming from a brand which is in a very designer positioning, that’s not very accessible in terms of price. also koché, typically, worked solely on football t-shirts in deconstructing and reworking them, so similarly that touches other people, it’s going beyond the fashion spectrum.the world cup is one of those rare world events which brings together all social classes, its international so in the end it’s universal. there’s really this desire to get involved in the world cup, in whatever way possible. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2018