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Tory Burch - Womens collection Spring/Summer 2019 in New York (with interviews)

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Designer: tory burchinspiration: the same as last season in the sublime gardens of the cooper hewitt smithsonian design museum on the upper east side. the designer, who slipped in two photos of her parents in the invitations, reveals a very personal collection of a journey to marrakech which holds great importance for her…a very elegant front row with julianne more and katie holmes.collection: flowing, comfortable and mediterranean. with long skirts and dresses in poplin cotton are paired with detailed embroidery with lace at the bottom and around the neck. the very chic djellabas are worn in the city, concerning tunics, they are worn over trousers or under a suit. the colourful and vibrant prints are added to silk fabrics.focus on: outfits composed of trousers and short-sleeved shirts or safari jackets in plain pastel tones as well as striped suits. note: tory burch has seen a growing success with her accessories, there were many seen in the show such as weekend bags, hats, shawls, trainers and woven shoes.interview with tory burch: the whole company is really inspired by my parents and really has always been but i thought it would be really nice to think about a collection that was really just them because when you look at everything we’ve done as something from my father, my mother or something we’ve done together so it is a personal journey.my father always had worry beads, and so he, they travelled a lot to morocco which i think you could see the inspiration but we wanted to reference them but do it not in such a referential way we wanted to do a light reference and we did it throughout details and proportions and fabrics.and listen its about women globally, we are very proud to be an american brand, but women globally are what inspire me and my team and it’s about different cultures and acceptance and now more than ever super important. interview with liya kebede:i like tory burch, she’s a very elegant female, very chic as well as being a bit bohemian… and having good energy.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).