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Pyer Moss - Women's and Men's Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer: kerby jean- raymondinspiration: it is in brooklyn, in the center of weeksville, a former slavery town, where the designer presented his latest collection to the sound of an impressive gospel choir.collection: elegant, flowing and moving. long tunic-like shirts are worn with pleated skirts cut on the bias. coloured prints of the artist derrick adams represent faces and family moments. hooded sweatshirts and sports jackets are revisited in new dimensions. the logo appears on collars, bags and is also printed on tops.note: many pieces came from the second collection with reebok.interview with kerby jean- raymond: this place is actually one of the first communities that was established by free slaves in america. when new york abolished slavery 11 years later this place was built. these are the original homes and this community evolved over time and it became more and more about public housing, but this remained and they turned it into a museum and i wanted to show people what the black american contribution to the american society is. it made sense with the collection because the collection displayed black leisure, black family and black love so, this is happening in a place that’s surrounded by homes is amazing. we have a multi partnership with reebok, so we did, this is our second collection with them and we incorporated the prints from patrick kelly. patrick kelly is the first black designer to show in paris fashion week, and so we took his prints and we recycled them for this reebok collection. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).