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ARTHUR ARBESSER - Women's Spring/Summer Collection 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: arthur arbesserinspiration: the austrian designer likes to explore viennese art from the 20th century, in particular geometric and graphic themes. for this collection he took inspiration from the work of the italian sculptor fausto melotti and the austrian-american artist vally wieselthier. collection: an audacious and ultra-feminine collection with a mix of prints and graphics, far from current streetwear trends. stripes and checks clash giving silhouettes a sophisticated but liberal appearance. fluid and raw materials contrast. the designer also shows his work with superpositions and colours.note: a male model in the show (a first for the designer) + glittery silhouettes with golden short sleeved shirts and thin strapped dresses entirely embroidered with sequins + very springlike tunic dresses and fitted linen jackets that close on the side + the casualness of a nearly transparent tube dress with diamond prints, worn over a high neck sweater.focus on: extravagant earrings worn on one ear like a piece of art.interview with arthur arbesser:we wanted to really build a character we thought about a women, she is maybe a ceramic artist, she works with sculpture, she has a studio, she has a very free spirit, very sure about herself, not afraid of the opinion of other people, she is very in peace with herself and has a very creative mind, but she is unvain, works all day with clay, works in her studio, but then in the evening she just pulls up her hair, puts a flower in, a bit of make-up and she is out.there is paillettes for the first time that i have ever done paillettes and we have printed them with my graphics sort of geometric graphics but on paillettes, so there is some, there is maybe a little bit more femininity in there than normally, but the graphics are very recognisable. it’s actually a collection that you can easily mix with each other, you think the things clash but actually they don’t, we have put like a lot of prints underneath and it actually, there is a special kind of harmony in it. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).