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Koché - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Paris

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Location: the communist party headquarters designed by oscar niemeyer.inspiration: a collection that celebrates diversity and beauty as well as couture and artisanal know-how.a casting of 62 different personalities and nationalities coming from all over the world via instagram.collection: strappy dresses with touches of florescent colours, a mix of prints, polka-dot dresses, frills and embroidered swarovski glitter. references to sport with sweat suits and revisited football polos. we also see shiny reflective materials and skin-tight outfits appearing like tattoos worn as a second skin, as well as printed wax motifs embroidered with sequins and flags.a mix of culture, elegance, streetwear and urban style.note: jewelled stiletto heels and multiple straps on the front of the foot.interview with christelle kocher:it’s an international collection, i baptized it “united earth of koché”. it’s a collection that took inspiration from women from around the world, women who come from all the countries that i have visited as well as all the countries that i fantasize about, and also there is this cultural intermix, and this inspiration of know-how from all countries, so i was inspired by ikat, and i transformed it and interpreted it in embroideries designed by swarovski. we also worked on embroideries that were inspired by berber materials, we developed very surprising and very bright checkered and jacquard wool produced in japan.we have professional mannequins for the face of koché, but we also made an appeal on instagram about a casting. we had many women reply and even some who came from abroad especially for the casting. there is a streetwear side as well as a sportswear one too so we used oranges and neon colours that are super flashy. we also have jerseys that we treated like couture that were repleated and then recoated, as well as jerseys that we embroidered with swarovski crystals. we used wool from woolmark that we also worked on and embroidered, as well as mixing them with sportswear fabrics.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).