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Stella Maxwell: An exclusive interview about her collaboration with The Kooples

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Stella maxwell, famous top model and victoria secret angel, launches a new capsule style of bag for the kooples. she shows us her designs and reveals her creative desires during the collaboration.interview with stella maxwell:i was approached by the kooples and they were interested in doing a collaboration and making a bag with me, and i thought it was just a really interesting thing for me because i’ve never really collaborated and created my own product with a company. they were very open about what i wanted to do, they were asking anything kind of ‘what style do you like? what trend do you like?’ they brought so many different fabrics in front of me and you know they were like ‘go wild!’, you know like choose whatever colour, you know sometimes i was like ‘is this too crazy, is this like a crazy colour for a bag? or you know because i like it but i’m not sure if like everyone would like that’ but they were very, they were very cool with me and they were just like ‘you know what, just go for it, have fun!’. i had done some sketches and i did some research, i was looking at like old vintage bags, and even just personally we went to my own closet and looked at bags that i like and wear all the time and you know we just took inspiration from different places. to have all your things kind of really accessible and it’s on you, it’s not just over your shoulder so it’s never like sliding off. and that really becomes more of part of your outfit, it kind of completes your outfit, it’s not just a bag, it’s like you know kind of like, a cool added accessory to add to your, complete your outfit.i think that like the creativity has been the thing that’s been you know really like inspirational for me, it’s you know it’s given me like an idea that i can carry on doing this later. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).