Atelier Cologne celebrates their 10th anniversary with many events and pop-up shops

Atelier Cologne, the French perfume brand celebrates its 10th anniversary in a particular way by creating pop-up stores and recounting the unique story of its founders, Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter. Returning to this cologne scent, to the old-fashioned smell was a crazy gamble.For their 10th anniversary, the meeting was held in an immersive pop up shop in the heart of New York with the desire to educate its customers.Interview with Sylvie Ganter:Our starting point and approach were quite personal. I had the desire to create something that I wanted to wear and something that I couldn’t currently find in mainstream markets. It all started when I met my husband, we became a couple at the same time that we created the brand with the desire to say: we love cologne, we love wearing it but we find that it doesn’t last very long so we wanted a cologne that lasts longer using a palette with personality, so let’s go.The image is a bit faded and a bit old fashioned, so the idea was to make a cologne that lasts and that is not old. We launched our brand in 2009, and 2009 is exactly three-hundred years after the very first cologne was made by an Italian perfumer. He lived in Cologne and he really missed his home country Italy, so he created a perfume based on ingredients from Italy to remind himself of his country, so, his first idea was to create a perfume to make yourself feel good.We really try to transport our clients through different moments and atmospheres. Here in the morning, you could be in Italy having breakfast and drinking orange juice made from blood oranges and then, you could be watching the sun set on a Californian beach drinking a citrus and mint cocktail. I think it’s time to meet up with our clients and share a moment together, and this is truly what makes us different.

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