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Brand Talent: Miko Miko

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Miko miko breathes the joy of life and good energy as well as the parisian spirit. at the head of this clothing brand is dyane, a graphic designer and artistic director, who, through her job, has a talented eye for images and colours.(interview)she proposes a wardrobe of which we are envious of, with an architectural aspect for summer referencing buren and sottsass, and a british side for winter, without forgetting the 100% parisian design and production.(interview)interview with dyane de serigny:part of the inspiration is purely graphic and another other part is from the fixed attitude of people shot by photographers and finally the muses on the street. i love watching korean shows where they have incredible looks and excel in the way in which they mix and match their clothes. i love looking at the people on the metro, i take super discrete photos and i tell myself “good look”, and finally it’s this mix that we don’t necessarily think of when we create something, we don’t say “i’m going to do this, i’m going to take that”, it’s going out like that, like in cooking.we can produce in paris! this is what convinced me to launch miko miko, it’s great, we can see each other as we are all in paris, in the 18th arrondissment so we can discuss things and work on the fabrics just like big fashion houses are able to do. when you are a young designer with a young brand you can also do this.