Bags for men, the new must-have accessory for summer

Accessories never stop developing and representing an important element in wardrobes. For summer 2019, bags become the piece to perfectly complete any look.Review the details of new models of bags to own.From now on, men walk with their trusty holdalls, in between a shopping bag and a tote bag, with precious finishing touches, they become essential for daily life and to end the use of plastic for once and for all.Shoulder bags present a good alternative, with the ability of a hands-free and more practical option.Just like the bum bag, this option is definitely here to stay for the long run. Better still; the leather chic version is perfect for all occasions.Inspired by Jaquemus’ lanyard bag, we have found different propositions by various designers that have reinterpreted it in their own way, perfect for keeping your belongings safe.Finally, the last alternative: the transparent bag. For originality and confidence, why not choose this latest style.Interview with Tom Notte:He has huge volumes of bags with fringes and bicolour. We have the tote bags in the Niveo style with a lot of belting.

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