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REDEMPTION – Haute Couture show autumn/winter 2019/2020

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Artistic director: gabriele morattiplace: ledoyen pavillion, an open space opened on the champs-elysees gardens.collection: a sensual haute couture, made up of many folds, a strapless dress with a train, a short skirt studded with swarovski crystals.a sensuality affirmed through stylised animal motifs, vestal silhouettes revealing the body. a sexy, elongated silhouette, the curves of the body are accentuated, the materials are iridescent, textured roses are embellished on the shoulder, neckline and the side of the dress… flared trousers, a cropped cape for the label’s signature rock side, and an asymmetric dress, elongated legs perched on heeled sandals for the highly popular glamorous side on the red carpet.show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)