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Insider: Discovering the new Palais Galliera

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Palais galliera, located in the heart of paris, reopens its doors after two years of work. a new life for this fashion museum which is taking a new step forward thanks to the exceptional support of the chanel house. the museum can now present large-scale exhibitions on two floors and display its permanent collections…a renovation that places the museum in a new dimension.interview dominique brard:wanting to fit into history, to understand it. to understand the spirit of the place and after, to have an intervention that we assume to be contemporary, such as the staircase here, but which is not a break, which ultimately can disappear. no one will notice that this staircase did not exist. and finally, i think that it would be the greatest success of this intervention, on the property.first, it is vital that visitors discover a very important architectural asset, which is that of the basement. this was ultimately unknown because the visitor did not have access to it, but it is essential that they discover it and its very beautiful 19th century architecture. one of the challenges is to maintain the vision of this architecture, without being entirely disturbed by all the technical elements of a contemporary museum: air conditioning, security elements, electricity, etc.we have more than doubled the exhibition area. there were 550 square metres of temporary exhibition space, plus the basement. and now we have 1210 square metres of exhibition space: 500 square metres on the ground floor, since we lost the 50 square meters of this hall here, and 710 square metres of exhibition space in the basement, which allows the museum to be open all year round. this was not the case before since there were only temporary exhibitions, which meant that half the year, the museum was closed for the assembly and dismantling of exhibitions. however now, the museum can permanently present its collections and it has the ability to have, from time to time, major exhibitions like the inaugural one here on gabrielle chanel.music free : non lo so dire - instrumental version by silvia rita artlist