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Insider: Gabrielle Chanel Exhibition, Fashion Manifesto

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First major exhibition for the reopening of palais galliera with the fashion manifesto on gabrielle chanel. this is the very first great retrospective exhibition retracing the exceptional career and timeless style of this most influential, 20th century fashion designer, through more than 350 pieces throughout 1500m2 of galleries.itv véronique belloir, collection curatorthis title ‘fashion manifesto’ refers to two important moments in her career: when she arrives in the 1910s and proposes a fresh version of feminine elegance, carried by principles which are also very new in the world of haute couture. notions of simplicity, comfort, lightness. this was radically different. and then, in 1954, on her return, she offered her famous suit, which has become an iconic and timeless piece.we focused on this suit, which is an emblematic piece within a range of 54 suits. then, we discover a room dedicated to jewellery which is also an important element of her style, radically different from her fashion, but which come as a counterpart.there is a small room dedicated to perfume number 5, and to the world of cosmetics, which shows how coherent her universe was and how much she always applied her principles of modernity and simplicity.chic is in the details at chanel. and often it is not seen. it is a woman who creates for herself, who wears her clothes. so, with this idea of comfort, she always says: ‘i want a fashion that allows you to be yourself’.the most impressive aspect is its consistency: the strength of open-mindedness to manage to be part of particular moments but also to think radically differently, and to install and express this through clothes. this consistency throughout her career is in all areas of her creation.music free : better now - piano version by philip daniel zach artlist